The Twitter account “@buitengebieden” often shares some interesting things on the Internet. Today, the tweeter posted a video. In the picture, there is only Ajin and a corgi dog arguing through a transparent glass door. The scene looks very It was fierce, but when Corgi entered the house halfway to drink water, the two dogs seemed to have nothing happened, and they instantly returned to peace, making everyone laugh with funny interactions.

In the video, it can be seen that Ah Jin is standing inside the house, and the corgi dog is standing outside the house. The two dogs are yelling at each other through the glass window. Drinking water, at this time the two dogs showed a very peaceful expression, as if they were not the ones arguing just now. The next second, the corgis drank the water and returned to the outdoors. The two dogs quarreled again. Their nonsensical behavior made people feel speechless and funny.

▲ Corgi: Drinking saliva during the intermission. (picture/Twitter@buitengebieden )

As soon as this video was posted on the Internet, a large number of netizens immediately liked it and replied, “It’s the same concept as safe kissing, and it’s safe to quarrel”, “It’s the same as boxers who can’t really hit each other when they are off the ring”, “For the sake of points Win or lose, let the opponent come in first to drink saliva before continuing, there is a reason not to let him lose, this is a strategy to completely defeat the opponent’s mind, and then I can’t break it anymore”, “They are good for the other party”, “A quarrel is to express my I can afford to be noisy”, “Through the glass, don’t be afraid”.

▲Ajin and Corgi quarreled through the glass door. (picture/Twitter@buitengebieden)


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