What is that please? Look at this dog photo and you think you’re going crazy. Everyone asks: Which is the top, which is the bottom?

Optical illusions have it all. At first, some confuse our senses so much that we can’t stop being confused about them. Like the photo of this dog posted by the owner on Reddit.

At first glance, a moment of shock strikes immediately: Help! Someone left a dog’s head! It’s so impressive that users compare the creature in the photo with creatures from legendary horror movies and games like “Silent Hill” and “Resident Evil”.

Headless Dog Illusion
Because the photo of the “decapitated” three-legged dog looks so real, many people have come forward demanding proof that the animal is indeed fine. These requests have prompted others to create fun “proof images” using Photoshop. Do they calm other users? Sure is not.

However, in the meantime, the dog’s owner posted a photo online showing his puppy and its head. So everything is fine! And he also prepared the resolution. His three-legged dog licked his butt when he took the picture, which is why the leg scar “slipped” so high in such a short time.



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