dog with babies 

When dog owners have offspring, they often rightly worry about how their fur nose will react to the human child, after all, the life of the animal is turned upside down by the addition to the family.

Sometimes every worry is unfounded, but sometimes the animals just don’t like their human siblings. When they introduce their dog Lucy to the twins Lily and Lennon, Josh and Kelly realize that the transition isn’t easy for everyone involved.

Bitch no longer understands the world

The couple had rescued Lucy off the street and it’s now hard for the dog to understand that she’s no longer the center of attention:

“She tried to get into the car seat. It was actually pretty sad.”

reports master Josh. This is certainly not how the new parents imagined family reunification. But they don’t give up and try to make Lucy’s new life as easy as possible:

“We learned pretty quickly that we had to involve them as much as possible.”

Bitch will be perfect foster mother

And patience really pays off. When Lucy understands that her human parents still love her just as much as they did before, she is able to learn to love her sisters too and now they are inseparable!

Incidentally, Lucy is also quite useful when looking after the babies: for example, she really enjoys bringing the little ones their milk bottles.


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