Bringing home a new pet is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Whether it’s from a shelter or a kennel, the furry addition can experience a variety of emotions in the face of their new surroundings.

Second day in the new home

The user shares on TikTok Miller_staygolden the arrival of his little golden retriever. In a very short sequence you can see him sitting in his basket and howling. It’s only day two in his new home and he misses his mom and siblings.

The TikTok subscribers are very touched. “He needs lots of hugs and attention, don’t make a video but cuddle with me” and “I’ve always felt bad about separating a puppy from his siblings and his mother,” are two of the comments.

This behavior is quite normal in young dogs so soon after adoption. Fortunately, Miller can count on his new family to be there for him and to help him overcome the separation from his mother and siblings


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