Dog's tongue sticks to the gully  The dog tries desperately to get his tongue off

The winters in Russian Vladivostok are extremely harsh. The dog in this video gets this on especially cruel way to feel. Because his tongue is frozen to a manhole cover! Has the four-legged friend possibly licked it in search of food or water?

And although he’s fighting to get her free again, the poor dog doesn’t stand a chance. On the sides where the tongue is already torn from the attempts to free yourself, you can see blood! Clearly, if the dog continues to tug like this, its tongue is at stake.

A man wants to help him

But then a man approaches with a water bottle and wants to help the desperate animal. He pours carefully warm water on the manhole cover in the hope that this will loosen the frozen tongue. Another splash of water – and the dog stands still, as if he understands that he is being helped in this way.

In the next shot, the four-legged friend is actually free again and enjoying the friendly cuddles his savior. Unfortunately, it is not known whether he still took him to the vet and whether it was the unlucky raven from the clip that was posted online in January 2018.


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