Golden Retriever protects his puppy  This dog does not allow anyone to approach!

An adult Golden Retriever and his puppy are the protagonists of this video clip, which has meanwhile crossed the magical border of 20 million views reached on YouTube. The usual funny game scenes again? No, very different.

In the short video prevents the overprotective father consistent that man touches the puppy. Every time again. However, he does it in a really unique way: he tries to hide his daughter with his paws, hugs her until he covers her completely and takes the man’s hand away from the little four-legged friend.

Hands off my daughter!

There are several theories among users as to the possible reasons why the father exhibits this overprotective behavior. A group of commentators is sure:

“It’s proof that dogs have feelings and unconditional love.”

However, among other things, there is a theory that more widespread is than the previous one and maybe even related to it. The followers of this variant interpret the dog behavior as follows:

“You took all my other puppies. Please don’t take that with you.”

Here you can see the impact of commercial dog farms. One commenter quips, “I guess the Golden saw how many of his children sold and is now trying to keep at least one.”

Whatever the reason behind the dog’s behavior cannot be said with certainty. But the fact is: This dog dad would like his puppy best all to yourself to have!


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