Many cat owners say “I am not familiar with cats”. Some owners even suspect that their cats don’t even know them, let alone have feelings for them. Cats are loved by humans, probably for the sake of eating.

So Do cats have feelings for their owners? Do cats know the guy who takes care of them every day?

A Japanese pet food brand once released a video on Respect for the Aged Day to answer our question.

In 2013, experiments proved that cats can distinguish between the voices of their owners and strangers.Therefore, the cat must know the owner.

However, Distinguishing sounds may be due to the cat’s precise hearing, but this does not mean that cats have memories and feelings for their owners.

To verify this problem, only through the test.

So they found Ono and Kuu.

Kuu-chan, a cat living in Sendai, is 10 years old.


From the kitten days, Kuu-chan was raised by Ono, who lives in Saitama Prefecture, until he was 8 years old.

The 63-year-old Ono was admitted to a nursing home in Saitama Prefecture two years ago due to physical reasons, and had to send his beloved cat Kuu-chan, whom he had raised for eight years, to Sendai to be taken care of by others.

Two years have passed, and Kuu-chan is 10 years old.

Ohno had lived in a sanatorium, so he hadn’t met Kuu-chan, but he still remembered every moment he spent with Kuu-chan.

But he didn’t know if Kuu-chan would miss him.

A 63-year-old man speaking straight into the camera——

“If you don’t miss me, I’ll cry.”

Many people say that a cat can forget 3 years of kindness in 3 days.

Feeling nervous, Ohno recorded her voice while calling Kuu-chan.

The crew member sent the recording to Sendai.

Will Kuu-chan miss Ohno?

Will Ono’s voice bring back Kuu-chan’s memories?

The footage goes to Sendai Kuu-chan’s current home.

The crew first gave Kuu-chan a recording of the other three, each with their own voice and voice, the first person’s voice very similar to Ohno’s.

However, Kuu-chan’s reaction to these sounds was only to move her ears, while her body remained motionless.

The fourth voice is Ohno’s voice.

I watched this scene over and over again, even at slow speed. When Ono spoke for the first time, Kuu-chan didn’t respond, but before he could finish pronouncing the word “酱”, Kuu-chan immediately looked back for the sound.

Before naming “kuu mam”, Kuu mam already knew who called.

Next, Ohno’s voice continued to ring out, and Kuu-chan kept looking in the direction of the speaker.

His eyes were full of sadness.

Then the sound disappeared, and Kuu-chan lowered her head again.

Then, the crew showed Ono the recorded footage.

Ono, 63, jumped for joy when Kuu-chan responded to the voice, saying “my ears perked up” and “that’s great”, and he couldn’t help clapping his hands.

This is the joy and excitement from the bottom of my heart after witnessing my child’s outstanding achievement.

On this day, Kuu-chan also went to Saitama Prefecture with the video, and Ohno finally saw Kuu-chan, whom he hadn’t seen in 2 years.

Ono was very interested when he saw Kuu’s fever, he kept stroking and talking to it.

And when Kuu had a fever, he let Ono touch him, hugged him, and obediently laid on Ono’s shoulder.

Without struggling or making a sound, it just obediently hugged its previous owner.

At this point, this short 3-minute video on respecting the elderly comes to an end.

Although this pet food brand’s respectful short film is more of a marketing short film or a brand image film.

But this story is not a script, it is real.

After watching this short video over 3 minutes long, I was really moved.

I don’t know if a cat misses anyone, but I do know that Kuu-chan loves Ono.

Especially the moment when Kuu-chan turned her head, it made me believe that cats have feelings for their owners, cats are also people. It knows all the time and effort you put into it, the love and affection you give it, and all the good you do for it.

Even if you don’t like being touched or hugged at normal times, it still loves you.

After a brief reunion, Ohno returns to the nursing home and Kuu-chan returns to her home in Sendai.

Maybe Kuu-chan is sad because of Ohno’s departure, maybe he doesn’t understand why he was “abandoned” after 8 years with Ohno, or maybe he doesn’t understand anything but just remembers being lazy. under the sun. After dinner, She used to have a father who took care of her for 8 years. In any case, I hope it continues to be happy in the future.

As for Ono, it’s been two years since he had to part with his beloved cat who has been in pain for 8 years, knowing that Kuu-chan still remembers his father is a warm thing.

May each of us be deeply loved and missed.


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