Each of us will pay attention to our appearance, and we will only go out to do things every day when we tidy ourselves up. And when doing things, you will also avoid getting dirty. But pets are different. They don’t have the habit of keeping clean, and they may get dirty after taking a bath.

In our impression, cats are very clean, so we don’t often bathe cats, they will clean themselves.

There is such a netizen who has a cat at home. The cat has white hair, so it is really easy to get dirty. Although the owner has said it many times, it has no effect. That night, the cat didn’t come back all night, which made the owner worry all night. And the next morning, the cat finally came back, but when seeing the cat’s appearance, netizens couldn’t help laughing out loud!

It turned out to be white hair, but its head turned gray! What did you do last night? Did you go to dig coal? This grey-headed and gray-faced one is so evenly applied, it really belongs to you!

Although he doesn’t know where the cat has gone, it’s good that he can go home safely!


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