When cats are mentioned, the beauty of a cat comes to mind, cute or soft, super cute.

But you need to know that not all cats are like this.

A cat in the ins blogger’s house looks different, and its image is a bit different from ordinary cats.

Has a “thick hair”, which makes the face appear large.

When the hair is not combed well, it looks messy.

It’s like washing your hair one day and waking up the next day to find your hair is unruly and completely fried.
The image is not good, and the cat itself feels angry.

His face became square with anger, his small eyes stared round.

Don’t take a selfie if the “hair” is not tidy, or you will scare yourself.

Sleepy three times in a row, “Oboi Cat” wants to sleep.

When not sleepy, in fact, people are still very cute.

What do you think, am I cute?

Am I no longer your cutie?

Excuse me, are you satisfied with the new hairstyle?

Look at me, do you seem satisfied?

Such a characteristic cat is naturally an excellent material for emoticons.
With a simple sentence, it becomes a special image.


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