Three black puppies The three puppies are completely frightened

Bright lights, gifts and spending time with loved ones – that’s what Christmas looks like for most people. And before you try, still to do everything importantto celebrate in peace. Just such a thought could have been fatal to the three unfortunate puppies in Wiltshire, UK.

Because they were just cold-heartedly abandoned on December 21, 2022. At a garbage heap near a country road. Someone took the puppies, which were only a few weeks old, put them in a cardboard box and then dumped them next to the roadside rubbish heap. And then go back home and celebrate Christmas. Nice and quiet without annoying puppies?

They are visibly neglected

A passer-by takes heart and looks inside the box. It is thanks to him that the sickly and emaciated spaniel babies eventually into RSPCA Oak & Furrows Wildlife Centre come. The animal rights activists then take the little gang of rascals to the responsible animal shelter of the organization, where they are now safe.

“Unfortunately, these poor puppies are all underweight and suffer from ear mites,”

explains animal rights activist Freya Lamb, who is now investigating the case. But that’s not all: “One of the dogs also has one cherry eyewhich needs to be treated by a vet.” And apparently the puppies are completely overwhelmed with the situation, because

“They are very nervous and scared and don’t want to get too close to anyone.”

Dramatic increase in exposures

Mary, Holly and Rudey, as the gang of three was christened, are not the fate of individuals. The RSPCA has one for Christmas 2022 25 percent increase of abandoned animals in the UK, which are being handled by their national teams.


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