For humans, the most important thing is water, and water is also essential for the health of animals.

60% of an adult cat’s body is water, and 84% of a newborn cat’s body is water. Water not only helps cats regulate their body temperature and digest food, but it also transports salt and other electrolytes throughout the body and eliminates waste.

Today Catdogplanet is here to introduce a cute cat who drinks water. It really works so hard to drink water~

This cute cat meows Nagomu.

It is very popular on ins, maybe it is because of its naive appearance, chubby and very cute.

This is too stupid, why? Nagomu is so stupid and cute XD

Nagomu: I just wanted to drink water, but I washed my head!

In order to drink tap water, it really took a lot of effort.

Water I didn’t drink much, but I washed my head and face thoroughly.

Nagomu: Drinking water made me lonely!

Looking at Nagomu’s unsure face, the shit-shoveling officer laughed: What? Haven’t washed your hair yet?

Nagomu: I’m obviously drinking water, why can’t I drink it no matter how hard I try!

Look aggrieved Nagomu, many netizens laughed and felt distressed: Sure enough, IQ was taken away by appearance.

No water Nagomu was so angry that he wanted to be hugged and comforted for a long time.