Videos of children or babies with dogs regularly inspire the net, because they are usually proof of the incredible charity and care that dogs show the little ones among us.

A video was recently published on Facebook showing a baby heading for a staircase. A black mastiff with a clever plan is already waiting there for the little crawler.

A good minder

As the adventurous baby approaches the stairs and tries to climb the first step, the big dog lies across the step and doesn’t move an inch. He spreads himself so wide that his little friend can’t come by.

But the baby is not giving up yet. It still tries to climb the first step. Then the Great Dane touches it gently with its paw to stop it for good. Luckily, the baby has a good minder in the big black dog who always makes sure nothing happens to him.

The video shows how great and important a friendship between a child and their dog can be.

Warning ⛔ No matter how cute this video is, we strongly caution against leaving babies and toddlers unsupervised with dogs (of any size or breed). Even friendly and gentle dogs can react negatively when children play too roughly or cannot interpret the animal’s warning signals.


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